Herzegovinian honey & grapes

Ingredients: Herzegovinian honey, grapes

Allergen info: Not recommended for diabetics, those allergic to pollen and children under twelve months.

Net quantity: 300 g

Quality control is performed by the Veterinary Institute of Republika Srpska "Dr Vaso Butozan" Banja Luka

Ingredients 1 teaspoon (3,5 g) expressed per 100g GDA per teaspoon
Energy value 44,45kJ/ 10,5 kcaJ 1270kJ/ 300 kcaJ 0,52 %
Protein 0,01 g 0,3 g 0,02 %
Carbohydrates 2,88 g 82,4 g 1,25 %
Fats 0 g <0,1 g 0,00 %

Note: Crystallization is a natural phenomenon of honey.

Method of decrystallization: Place the jar of crystallized honey into a bowl of warm water heated up to 45˚C, until the honey regains its liquid state i.e. liquefy..

Store in a dry, dark and ventilated place at room temperature.